Global Electric Bikes

GLOBAL ELECTRIC BIKES provides efficiency and dynamism in affording trading solutions to a wide range of consumers. With a multitude of partners that includes manufacturers in the Philippines and abroad, L.A. Global Super Trading continuously re-invents the face of the market by introducing the most innovative products to the public.

Established in July 2010, L.A. Global Super Trading Inc. is currently the largest distributor of Electric Bikes in the Philippines – L.A. e-BIKE, the newest line of eco-friendly electric bikes that is making a big wave across many countries. With its manufacturing partner from China, GLOBAL ELECTRIC BIKES continues to make its mark as the premier electric bike company that asserts only the best products for its consumers.

More powerful and more Reliable Electric Bike Brand

Electric Bikes range in size from small electric folding bicycles that fit under a bus seat, LRT or MRT, up to two person e-scooters that use the main thoroughfares, highways or national roads. Electric Bikes offer point-to-point transportation for one person and some cargo at speeds and costs that are moderate. For most of us, half of our errands and trips are less that 20 kilometers and within the range of most Electric Bikes. It will get us to work faster than driving and without the stress. Add more batteries for more range. Add a trailer and you've got a small, easy-to-use vehicle capable of hauling 100+ pounds of cargo. Or add an enclosure with some cargo/passenger space for a tricycle.


Crude oil prices behave much as any other commodity with wide price swings in times of shortage or oversupply. The crude oil price cycle may extend over several years responding to changes in demand as well as OPEC and non-OPEC supply. Even without another oil embargo, it guarantees that future gas prices will rise. Electric bikes give you more control over your fuel costs and its availability.

Electricity to power an electric bike costs only 20 centavos for 1 kilometer of travel. Maintenance and repair costs are also much less than for a car, so every kilometer you ride saves money. An electric bike is simple to use, fix, and pay for. It's the kind of quiet, and people-friendly transportation we want in our neighborhoods. It costs only P13.00 to P20.00 to full charge the 48V batteries.


Using clean, efficient vehicles saves money and time while helping the environment and improving our quality of life. The electric Bicycle is the leading example of a whole class of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) being developed. They're clean, qiet, and efficient. Like a car, LEVs provide the user with point-to-point transportation. Designed for one person and a small amount of cargo, their range, speed, and cost are moderate. For 5% of the price of a car, an Electric Bike can provide 50+% of the utility. Electric Bikes use current technologies to create better transportation. Riding an electric bike reduces gasoline use and global warming. It also reduces air and noise pollution.


Due to a wide experience in selling and maintenance of electric bikes, we have designed a perfect model that will suit the Filipino taste and requirements. L.A. e-BIKE is born. Unlike other brands in the market today, L.A. e-BIKE is a product of a market demand survey, quality and endurance test. Global Electric Bikes will continue to service the thousands of buyers from all over the Philippines. We chose to distribute only quality products to our consumers. Our 30+ Dealers/outlets nationwide will be selling only the best tried and tested quality Electric Bikes.

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